Saturday, May 17, 2008

Symbian Application: Weatherbug Widget For S60v3

WeatherBug announced the WeatherBug S60 widget today for select nokia devices. WeatherBug’s S60 widget will utilize Nokia’s latest Web Runtime Technology (WRT) to bring local weather info to your phone.The WeatherBug S60 widget includes live, local weather information for more than 50,000 locations worldwide and is local language supported for all regions.
Yet another move that’s sure to upset all the N95-3 owners out there, the first official S60 Widget is now available for regular consumption. The WeatherBug widget, announced a few weeks ago (before they had an actual download available, silly meteorologists!) is now available to download, and should be popping up in the S60 Download! app soon, as well.
The widget is only compatible with handsets that have Web RunTime support, which currently includes the N82, N95-1, -2, and -4.

Anyways, the widget allows you to check the weather around the world for free, though it is ad supported, so you’ll see a few logos here and there. WorldMate Live offers more options in a prettier package, and works on more handsets.

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