Monday, May 5, 2008

Ultimate Voice Recorder For S60 3rd Edition

This application is designed to satisfy all your recording needs. It will let you record a voice memo or phone call anytime by simply pressing hotkeys of your own choices or by executing pre-planned functions that you can customise. Phone calls can also be recorded automatically based on your choices. You can record very long memo or conversations - even extendable until your memory limits(512kb free). You can also let the application automatically forward recorded clips to your default email or phone number by Email or MMS. The application will automatically stop recording once the storage space is low on your phone and never will fill up your phone! Hotkeys work anytime, always! Free upgrades of future versions are available as well!

The application is a Symbian Signed application backed by the industrial standard Quality Assurance testing procedure.

New In Version 4.01
Please remove the old version from your phone before installing this version.

  • Phone recordings are saved with caller id/phone number.
  • Automatic Email/MMS forwarding of recorded clips.
  • Hide recorded clips from other software on your phones.
  • Search recorded clips by label, phone number
  • Enable/Disable hotkeys.
  • Better password protection.

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Sujan Sikder said...

its a wonderful soft.... realli....

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