Sunday, November 9, 2008

Symbian Application: ShakeSMS

ShakeSMS is a Symbian S60v3 Application that deals with SMS and Phone Lock using the Accelerometers technology, to make you use the phone in an easier way!

Main Functionality (V1.00 Beta):

Sensor Timeout : 30, 60, 90, 120 (seconds) —- To save Battery
Sensitivity: Very, Less, Normal, Not so, Not Sensitive —- how hard you have to shake
ShakeNewSMS: View&Unlock, ViewOnly —- When New SMS is In
ShakeAgain: HomeScreen&Lock, OnlyLock, OnlyHomeScreen —-
Shake a Second Time AutoStart: No, Yes, Yes&Hide —- Start the Application automatically

Scenario: when you receive a short message on your Nokia Nseries device.

Normally without ShakeSMS:
You need to unlock the Nokia handset first, then read the message, after replying, lock the phone again. All these steps have to be done with a lot of touching and poking on the rather delicate keypad of your Nseries handset which don't come as good as they used to be.

With ShakeSMS:

Now just shake your phone, you can read the sms; shake it again, it goes back and the phone is locked! Walla!!

ShakeSMS beta is available for donators here. It's a Download so get it soon.

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