Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nokia Giving Away FIFA 08 Ngage Licenses, Bravo

You’ve read the news already, Nokia has worked up a deal with EA Sports in some countries to hand out some massive amount of license keys for the FIFA ‘08 soccer (futbal/football) game that’s been launched in Ngage. To see if you can snag on, just head on over to the site and you can get an activation code sent as an SMS. AllAboutSymbian readers are reporting that it works best if you’re using Firefox, and apparently Nokia can’t determine whether they’re out of licenses, either.

In any case, I just have to say, this is a great idea, and something I hope we see more of. Nokia needs to get people using N-gage, and what better way than free license codes? My friend P@sco over at has also been doing alot of gaming, specifically in the Creatures of the Deep game, and found that you can actually ‘catch’ devices. What if you could ‘catch’ license codes for various Ngage games? That’d be freakin brilliant, in my opinion. Maybe a coupon for any game of your choice even?

This would be a brilliant move because it would give even more incentive to get involved with N-gage (personally, I think it’s pretty sweet already), and incentive to actually play, rather than just install to check it out. What other ways can you think of to give away free license codes in exchange for activity?

Courtesy: symbian-guru

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