Sunday, November 9, 2008

Customising your phone's dictionary

Ok guys, after they suffered for a few days with my N95, and do research and trial and error in connection with the automatic word recognition also known as the K9 dictionary, a very helpfull tool found in symbian operating systems especially when you use the crappy keys of the Nokia nseries, I found a tip, and I would like to share with some of you, so you do not have to put up with what I did ... 


in a text if you want to write "you" you get "Yot"
(not on mine though)

.. or a similar problem ... If you want to write all the words, you get another word for the first choice ... unless you press the star button to the spellchecker other words .. To the word you always want with you. 

Now how do I remove the 'first' word, which comes and make another call on the first option ... 

In my case I did not know how Yot arose in the attempt to explain YOU .. Must've been a mistake I made ... 


His T9 is a bit smarter than you think. I have found a way to use Y-browser to edit the dictionary predictive text input in the Windows file with Notepad, but there is no sense or restore that your dictionary ... if you can "teach" the phone to the new word ... 


Open a new text box, as if you want to send a new text ... .. Make sure that the predictive text is kinds detection ... .. the desired word, for example, "you" (i get "Yot" as my first word) now ... .. Make sure you are ... and stressed "Yot" is underlined, until now .. .. ok press * for the changes of the word ... My word comes next is "you" ... Now that "You" comes, press the space ... .. (0) 

These 5-10 0R 20-times in a row .. As always too much of the word "you" in the first place .... Our phone "learns" how the word, it emphasized that the next word ... Often with one word, it moves the priority list and will be the first choice of the word ... be sure to do the same text box ... .. so it took me about 15-20 "yots" to "you" art. haha .. and my text box appeared before I was satisfied with the new word again: 

Yot that you 
You You 
You You 
You You 
I know many of you knew that, but others do not and are still suffering with a stupid word of the first choice ... I was frustrated with "Yot" lol and my mistakes, it is in this mode and change the wrong way, he thought that the phone I use a lot Yot 

And for those other words ... You bring your favorite word and move the list of words .. to teach the phone.

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