Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wiki ing the N96 vs N95

And here's what it had to say on the N96 vs N95

Major differences between N95 and N96


  • 2.8 inch display with 16.7 (16.777.261) million colours (same as N95 8GB, versus 2.6" display for original N95)
  • Camera flash with Powerful Double LED flash. (Single LED in the N95)
  • New audio DSP for improved audio quality and longer playback time.
  • Longer music playback time (14 hrs) and video playback time (6 hrs)
  • Windows Media WMV9 video codec is added.
  • Hardware acceleration for video codecs for H.264 and WMV (as well as MPEG4 as before)
  • Mobile TV DVB-H 1.0 receiver is built into N96
  • S60 3rd Edition is upgraded from Feature Pack 1 to Feature Pack 2
  • Symbian OS is upgraded from version 9.2 to 9.3 (9.3 is smarter and more reliable)
  • The Java ME engine is upgraded from MIDP 2.0 to MIDP 2.1
  • User data is preserved when upgrading firmware (This feature is also present on the N95-2 as v21 installs UDP base files)
  • Open C,C++
  • New Quick Office application opens all types of [Microsoft Office] files[citation needed]
  • Visual Radio v2.0
  • New version of Nokia Video Centre (Show&Edit Videos)
  • New release of Nokia Experience Software
  • (geotagging) of pictures, using the integrated GPS
  • Micro 2.0 HS-USB (Write 3 Mbps /Read 4.1 Mbps) (N95/N95 8G use regular USB)
  • MicroSD memory card slot (as in original N95, while N95 8GB has no card slot)
  • RSS 2.1 Reader
  • Downloadable maps (Google Maps, Nokia Maps, Route 66, etc)
  • 20x camera digital zoom (N95 has 10x digital zoom)
  • Home Media Solution (sync with DLNA / UPnP devices over WLAN)
  • The FM radio is upgraded with RDS
  • N96 is a dual-band HSDPA (900 and 2100MHz) (while N95 was a single band (2100))
  • No need to open the slide for optimal GPS reception.
  • Thinner and lighter than N95 8GB.
  • N-Gage free games coupon (varies by country) [Just 1 game free].
  • Nokia N96 has VGA video call camera (N95/N95 8G has CIF)
  • Video Light - Allows illumination when recording video in the dark (the N95 doesn't have Video Light)
  • Back up feature - Allows the user to back up the phones settings on to a Micro SD memory card. This includes contacts, massages and media. This allows for easy restoration (the N95 doesn't have this)
  • Video Stabilization
  • Upgraded Bluetooth Stereo Audio
  • Stronger and super qualitative sound and 3D speakers (N95 8gp normal speakers)
  • FOTA Firmware over the Air
  • OMA E-mail Notification v1.0
  • OMA Device Management v1.2
  • WEP 2.0 support
  • OpenGL ES 1.1 Plugin
  • The Internet browser has improved usability and compatibility
  • Dual Transfer Mode (MSC 11)
  • Support SPP Bluetooth Profiles


  • N96 has 8x image digital zoom and 4x video digital zoom (while N95 has 20x digital zoom and 8x video digital zoom
  • CPU ARM9 264MHz for N96 (N95 have ARM11 332Mhz CPU )
  • Same battery as original N95 (950 mAh), but the N96 reportedly has a much better battery life using the same battery (Nokia N95 8GB has 1200 mAh)
  • No Hardware 3D graphics accelerator for N96
  • No infrared port
  • N95 classic has lens cover and much more qualitative shutter (N95 8G/N96 don't have this feature)
  • No manually selected MMS messaging mode. If you write a long text message it will automatically select the MMS mode which could stop the recipient from receiving the message if they do not have MMS set up on their handset. (A Nokia USA employee stated that there is an update in the works to fix this very soon) It's assumed that this automatic selection of MMS mode is due to Nokia's Smart Connectivity
  • VoIP 2.1 support for WLAN and Cellular. However, the built-in VoIP client from N95 which allowed the end-user to make internet calls directly without installing any additional software has been removed from N96. The VoIP API which can be used by software developers in their applications, can still be used though. Of course third party VoIP applications are often neither so reliable, nor so flexible as the built-in one.
  • The pencil button that allows you to mark/unmark items and highlight text is not included. But this action can still be done however, by pressing and holding down the # key'.
  • N95/N95 8G has 2.8/5.6 Lens (N96 has 2.8/5.2)

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