Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nokia N97 : First Take

I've just recieved my Nokia n97 from WOM world and boy was I in for a surprise. They packing was humoungous ! It looked like it could house a CPU or two. Eventually, after some serious plastic ripping and bubble bursting I reached The Box.drum roll ..

I'm not putting up the video showing me rip up the DHL plastic. But to keep you guys satisfied I've put up some other pics below..

Note to self: typing on the n97 is lovely!

Additional accessories include a 2nd gen and 3rd gen pin converter for the charger as well a velvety cloth for wiping the screen. The chromed stylus looks kewl!
It did take some pulling to get of the battery cover initially. And the MicroSD slot was a little too tight as well.
Charging the Nokia n97 lights up a white indicator LED. It also reminds you to unplug after charging. Very Eco-aware.
Beautifully designed and curved ergonomic body. We all love curves don't we ? =)Swipe left to unlock or right to answer. Easy as pie.

The coolest stylus of them all.

.. Love at first touch ... sigh

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Daily Mobile said...

great blog! I am glad that I visited him! ps. Nokia is still lagging but haw a nice design ;)

DiLin Anand said...

thanks for the compliments!

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