Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nokia N97: Frustrations

There are some things touchscreens won't provide. And that is the ease of use provided by shortcuts. Apps such as Opera Mini and the GMail app have been designed to make accessing the internet and email unbelievably easy. With numpad shortcuts most functions whether it be saving a bookmark or archiving email, they can be done within a moments thought. If I want to archive my mail my fingers automatically move to those shortcuts. On the N97 i would still be correcting my aim with the stylus at the puny buttons on the GMail app.

I still haven't found out the forward shortcut of Opera Mini for the N97.. Occasionally I get stuck at the search page because of this. Not to mention the odd cases of Opera suddenly going kaput when i flick my fingers to scroll through.

Another thing that i came across is the absence of the paste feature from the keyboard view.. Grrr.

Current state of mind: Frustrated!

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