Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nokia N97 : Photographs or Snapshots ?

The Nokia n97 had been the perfekt phone until i slid open the camera cover.
- quoted by a saddened me.

Formalities first, the Nokia N97 sports a 5 Megapixel cam that is capable of shooting in 2584×1938 res and has f/2.8 Carl Zeiss Tessar lens, autofocus, video (VGA@30fps, H.263/MPEG-4), dual LED flash, f/2.8, 5.4 mm focal length, and a useless 4× digital zoom.

Nokia has put great specs for it's cameras on the NSeries devices and our Nokia N97 is no exception. It has Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus and DVD quality video recording that puts Apple iPhone’s camera to sulk away in shame. And that's where it ends.

My initial impressions were high about the N97s camera, but that was because the N97 had a superbright screen that produces astounding pictures when compared to my n95. Viewing those pics on my PC gave me a taste of the actual situation.

Problem No.1:

Using the dual-LED flash at night is trouble. Most of the pics that i shot resulted in a yellowish-grey blur at the bottom-left corner of the screen. At first i thought it was my finger, but the next shot had it as well. "Dirt..?", I cleaned the lens with the cloth Nokia provided but the blur remained. A coupla shots later the blur dissapeared! Dunno what caused it, but the blogosphere has many cases of similar blurs appearing on the other N97s as well. It's been attributed to the flash. It seems that the closeness of the dual flash and the camera cover may be reflecting some of the LED light back onto the edges of the lens which results in the blur. This probably means that Nokia messed up the cam cover design.

Problem No.2:

The auto-focus on the n97 is fast. Way faster than the n95 but it isn't always reliable. Some of the pics that i took produced a different image from the one i was viewing when i pressed the shutter button. The difference in the images is the focus - I'd have focused on one object but the final pic is shown focusing on a different object.

Shown Here ==>
And like it's predecessor the 5800XM, the Nokia N97 does not have any problems taking pictures in low light - unless the flash comes into play. This picture was taken in pitch dark conditions.

Here are the pics of a Nokia N95 on the right and the N97 on the left:

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