Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nokia N900: PR 1.2 Released Unofficially

The much awaited Public Release 1.2 of the Nokia N900s Maemo Operating system has been leaked.

FileName: RX-51_2009SE_10.2010.12-9_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM

The site where it was first released is a Chinese site but we're working on and will get torrent links over here real soon. The first link was posted by a newbie over at the talk.maemo forums which led to suspicion as to the authencity of the firmware image. But curiosity led some of the members to check it out and eventually it was proved to be the real thing. Within 2 hours of the first post devices had already started booting up with the pr 1.2.

The torrent link is below
MegaUpload Link
Original file:  Download the firmware image here.

 Change Log for 10.2010.16-8 a.k.a PR 1.2:
  • Smoother scrolling
  • Long key press gives numbers
  • FM transmitter still works even though HK models do not have the hardware.
  • Faster. Though this could be due to the reflash..
  • No stuttering while recording video
  • currently skype video chat seems to be still disabled
  • New application manager is awesome!
  • Flash version has been updated
  • USSD codes now work without requiring additional apps

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Anonymous said...


nader said...

did it work?

Mece said...

You might just want to take a look at this before you flash:

Understand that it is an old and unstable release candidate (That obviously was not released) and the installation cannot be undone.

Anonymous said...

Is the following is your site?
It has a copy of many of your posts!!!!

or visit the home page itself!

DiLin Anand said...

@Anon: Thanks for the heads up \m/

@Mece i'll update the post. thanks!!

Anonymous said...
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Blackberry Unlock Code said...

But the fact is Nokia won't use maemo as their one of the OS's. So one day N900 would be outdated and the day isn't too far... sigh......

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