Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Alienware M11xR2 gaming rig

Alienware is the world's largest boutique brand, offering high-performance systems for gamers and enthusiasts.

The M11xR2 is the world's smallest gaming rig. Or you could say that is the most powerfull 11" laptop in the market.

The processing power starts with a core2duo for the cheapest 599$ model. Don't even think of buying that crap. You'd be better going for the i5 520UM or the i7 640UM. Both of these processors are physically dual core but have 3 and 5 virtual cores respectively - giving them that much needed performance edge over the competition. What's better is that they are both ULV processors meaning they worl at ultra low voltages. This translates to about half the power consumption of a regular CPU. They have Intel's new TurboBoost technology as well which bumps up clock speeds as required. And the icing on the cake is that they are heavily overclockable.

The RAM options is 4GB DDR3 and 8GB DDR3. Go for the 4GB because anything above that is useless unless you have other applications that need RAM. Please Note that there is currently no game in the market that requires 8 gigs of ram - believe me.

Harddisks come in various capacities and also are available as SSD. But it's better to buy the cheapesy harddisk option and then later buy an aftermarket SSD becaise the Dell SSDs can get extremely costly.

Graphics processor
The GPU is fixed for now and there is no option ro change it because it's soldered onto the motherboard. But it does come with 1GB DDR3 so you shpuld be content as it runs most current games at decent rates.

Alien FX
Alien FX comes as standard as well. For those of you who are new, AlienFX is what lights up the computer and includes the front lighted bumpers the alien head on the display panel and the interior alienware logo.

Alienware also ships with a custom nameplate.

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