Monday, February 7, 2011

Symbian platformturns into a mere licensing body

The Symbian platform will continue to evolve under Nokia, who have committed to make the future development of the platform available via an alternative direct and open model.

Due to this transition, many of the operations and services the foundation provided to the Symbian community have now ceased. With the exception of this blog site, the foundation’s public websites have closed, along with open access to the Symbian source code.

However, much of the foundation’s data is available to the public via FTP until 31 March 2011. For access to this content, please e-mail Some content is still controlled under certain licenses; Symbian Foundation members will continue to have access to Symbian Foundation License content.

Specifically, the FTP site will allow access to:


Current platform source code
2. Platform Development Kits:
* S^2 PDK 2.0.3 (parts of S^2 are only available to current Symbian Foundation members)
* S^3 PDK 3.0.4
* S^4 PDK 4.0.a

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