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Top Softwares - Beef up ur S60 v3 phone !

This is a small list of Top Freeware applications for your new S60 3rd Edition phone such as the n95, n93i, n93,e65,e65i,e90,e61i etc. Here I'ev put in almost all the apps that I believe will be usefull to you in one form or the other. So roll up ur sleeves, start downloadin' and have a great time.

Note: To download please click on the title.

1.Adobe PDF Reader(already available for N95 users)
With the application you can read PDF documents on the display of your device. Documents can be accessed and opened in the following ways:
* Opening an email attachment from received e-mail messages (network service)
* Document sent using Bluetooth technology to your Inbox in Messgaing
* Using the File manager to browse and open documents stored in the phone memory and on memory card
* Browsing Web pages

2. Internet Radio
The application supports SHOUTcast streaming audio playback. Currently, MP3 and AAC+ streams are supported. The application also supports local playback of audio files in the following formats: MP3, AAC, eAAC+, MP4, M4A, WMA, 3GPP, AMR, and WAV. Note that some formats may not be supported on some S60 products.

3. Y-Browser
Y-Browser is a file manager for Symbian OS devices. It implements most standard features on files (such as copy, cut, paste, etc) & folders (create, remove, etc) and it allows you to work with "hidden, system" folders. Its addons are very unique compared to other free file managers (like SExplorer or SysExplorer), because they allow you to save to the filesystem files that were sent via Bluetooth and got stuck in Messaging.

4. DivX Player
A great DivX player, requires free registration. Can playback 320kbps QVGA DivX video at 15fps without dropping any frames. Make sure you get at least the 0.85 version or above.

QReader is a high quality ebook reader, easy and powerful. It supports plain text (.txt), Palm DOC (.prc and .pdb), TCR, FB2 and UMD files reading. Alternatively, check the MobiPocket Reader.

It is a flexible video surveillance system. It includes motion detection, support for multiple cameras and multiple sites. Get live images directly to your phone.

Tired of the display backlight going out when you are looking at the screen - e.g. while thinking about the right word for an sms? Wouldn't it be nice if your phone knew when you needed the light and when not?SmartLight does just that: once you have opened an application, the backlight stays on - until you close or hide the application, switching the light off automatically.

8.Agile Messenger

This is an all-in-one application for the IM freaks out there. It supports MSn,Yahoo,GTalk,ICQ& what-else. Pretty fast with a really low data overhead, this is the one to go for.

9.Opera Mini

It's for those of you out there who hate the boring user-interface of the nokia browser. This is a distribution by opera and is a really good one, second only to Opera's Mainstream Browser. But for that you'l have to pay.

(not for eating!)
This is a calculator that has an excellent user interface, i completely recommedn it for any1 who uses a mobile calculator atleast once a month. It's too good.


A good application that lets you alter and edit photos in a variety of ways.There are also a lot of in-built techniques to morph your picture. I'd be happy to see any of ur pics that u've edited using this app. You could post it here.


A software dedicated to making your SMSing life easier and to take it to new heights.

13.Windows Live Messenger

Now don't tell me that i need to explain this too. This is just a mobile version of the Windows Live Mesenger. But i'd recommend using the Agile Messenger that i've posted in number 8.

14.XSound MP3 Player
Another MP3 player for those of you who don't feel the attraction for the nokia music player built in into your phones.

15.DivX Video Player

Plays DivX movies(obviously).If you take SmartMovie to be not as smart as it sounds then u can try this one.Simple yet powerfull.

16.FullScreen Caller V2.04

This is an app that soes just what it's name says it does. Display the caller's photo in full screen!

17.Nokia Wall Paper Manager

What else! Manage your wallpapers the nokia way!

18.TomTom Mobile V6.2

The simple installation and intuitive user menu gives you the perfect navigation experience. Clear and accurate spoken and visual instructions: Easy to follow route instructions and crystal clear 2D or 3D maps lead you from door-to-door whether you travel by car, by bike or on foot. Easy call handling: Never miss a call or SMS message while navigating through on-screen instructions. Navigate direct to contacts stored in your address book

19.MP3 ID3 Tag Editor
3Sky has released yet another cool freeware application for Nokia S60 3rd Edition Mobile devices called the MP3 ID3 Tag Editor. This utility application allows users to create and edit ID3 tags on MP3 music files from the mobile device itself.
Once installed, there are two options to select in the application:

MP3 ID3 Tag Editor S60

1) Clear all ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags on an MP3 File.
2) Clear the ID3v2 tag and edit ID3v1 with the title and artist that you want.

20. Nokia Search.
Search, Find, Connect - the Nokia Mobile Search software for Nokia mobile phones is a simple, convenient, and fast way to find and connect to local services, websites, images, and content in your mobile - all from the palm of your hand. And best of all, Nokia Mobile Search software is free.. Free Download
21.Nokia Maps

With Maps, the world is yours. This free tool for mobile devices allows you to download maps and to find interesting places nearby or anywhere in the world. You can share these places with your friends and plan routes between two places. As optional services, Maps features a full-fledged navigation system and valuable city guides with loads of first-class information.Free Download

22.Nokia Map Loader
Nokia Map Loader is quick, uncomplicated PC solution that allows you to download maps from the internet and install them onto your mobile end device.

Free Download

OfficeSuite is a complete mobile office solution, allowing you to create, view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files away from your office. The program utilizes the most commonly used document formats and allows you to easily acquire your sensitive documents on your handset. With the advanced editing features you can modify documents on the fly and save them in their original format, just ready to be used back on your desktop PC.
(recommended by my friend Sudeep Chakravarty)

24.Best Crypto (with new keygen)
Protect your private photos, voice and sound files
, videos, confidential documents - just any kind of files on your smartphone!

Every smartphone user stores sensitive data on his device. It could be private photos, confidential voice notes, business documents, etc. You don't want an unauthorized person to get access to your confidential or private data, do you? Protect your confidential and private data with Best Crypto now!

Best Crypto application is designed for electronic data protection. It provides you with a user-friendly graphical interface for encrypting and decrypting your sensitive data. Behind easy to use interface, its powerful cryptography engine is using industry standard secure crypto algorithms (RC6 (ECB-Mode) ciphering with 256-bits keys and MD5 algorithm) to give you absolute, almost unbreakable security.

Smart Movie 3.25 (Full) SmartMovie is a video player for your mobile device, with counterpart PC converter utility. With the converter, you may prepare any video clip for playback on your mobile device. Play your videos on your mobile device, anywhere, anytime, you need just a few steps..

26.Mobiola Web camera(with bluetooth support)

A cool app that allows you to use your mobile camera as a web camera with full functions supporting bluetooth for continous streaming of video.


Hotline to Orkut??

Y-Inclinometer by Dr. Jukka is a simple app that displays vehicle angle while off-roading or climbing a bridge, or while simply driving in India! Just fix your phone in a secure cradle andngle it so that it is perfectly upright in your vehicle. Then launch the app!
But make sure that you don’t lose your bearings and flip your vehicle while enjoying some off-road fun. And don’t do anything stupid like testing Y-Inclinometer’s readings to the limits - that could tilt things too much for your car to handle!!
P.S: After installation the app won't show in the regular application menu, it will be in a new folder named as "". Have fun!

29. Battery Voice.
A lady tells you your battery levels! hmmmm.. check it out..real interesting!

And if you think you know some software that has better ratings in your mind than these, feel free to let me know and I'll update this here list o'mine :)

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MEENAL said...

Not a comment actually...
A compliment...
Nice Compilaton !

N do u know about QUICKPOFFICE was already installed in my it does not work !!

MEENAL said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MEENAL said...

Not a comment actually...
A compliment...
Nice Compilaton !

N do u know about QUICKPOFFICE was already installed in my it does not work !!

DiLin Anand said...

Personally i havnen't used it as yet, i prefer my computer to do MSOffice work..

anyway i'l chek it out and let u know..

DiLin Anand said...

I don't know why yours doent seem to work but maybe you should check out the new quick office premier.. it's availabe as an upgrade to existing users.

Anonymous said...

The version doing the rounds (4.5 upgrade) does work. It requires signing of the application (self sign- google to find out how)

DiLin Anand said...

ok buddy , thnx :)

maxx said...

Hi.. u know wot? my nokia 6630 (symbian 8.0) has ALL the above softwares PLUS a camera timer called TIMEDSPY, which u WON'T find for n95.
Just c if u cud find ne such software for n95. That wud complete ur compilation..

DiLin Anand said...

Actually, the N95 has a self-timer software Built-In into it's camera i didn't find any reason to add another timer app since unwanted apps just slow down handset performance.

Anonymous said...

excellent collection plz keep it ip!!

st0le said...

FreeFSWP (Full Screen Wallpaper)

and there's Handwave, but that's just for fun...

Anonymous said...


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