Saturday, May 14, 2011

What do you hate in a Touch Screen Device

I've owned a lot of touch devices from the Nokia 7710, the Nokia n97, the N8 and the Nokia N900. And do you know what they have all in common other than the Nokia badge? It's scratches. After a couple of months of use the screen is a haze of minor scratches and lines.

In the beginning a few scratches here and there are not such a big deal. But with use they add up and pretty soon you end up with a really dirty screen. I've tried a good share of screen guards and while they promise to be scratch proof they have yet to stand by it.

The other day while I was browser shopping at MobileFun, I came across the Zagg InvisibleShield for my Nokia n900. With my experience I decided at once that I won't waste more of my monies on that accessory. And I continued searching for any new cool gadgets they might have (check out AngryBird cases and the kindle page).

That's when I got a courier from MobileFun that had been due a month ago. And guess what it had - an InvisibleShield for the Nokia N900!

I went right ahead and placed it on as per the instructions. It was an easy job and Zagg have everything included from the squeegee to take care of air bubbles to the solvent spray which speeds up installation.20110513_005.jpg

As you can see below it's mighty neat and the full body pack has made my N900 seem as good as new with it's high gloss finish.

The scratch resistance is holding out so far but I'll follow up with another post showing all the instruments that the product was able to handle before it ripped. So subscribe to the bog and stay tuned for some surprising pics ! =)

I bought the Zagg Invisible shield here. And if you're buying from them you should also check out this post on how to get freebies from

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