Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Zagg InvisibleShield Follow up post

It's been a few weeks since I'd installed my Zagg InvisibleShield and the device has already been through it's usual quota of free-falls and scraping. Interestingly, the Invisibleshield has performed pretty well. The screen is still scratch free and the little stickers at the sides have yet to fall of. Of the few drops that were on the heart-stopping side one was particularly wrenching.

The fall was from a pile of books on my table top. When I'd pulled a booklet from under them the whole thing toppled with the n900 leading the way. This was followed by a direct hit on a metal dumbbell. Seemingly the Zagg InvisibleShield took the brunt of the hit. Check out the pics below.

So much for being invisible and Invincible. Now let's see if it lives up to Zaggs self-healing hype.

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