Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Impression: Apple MatteBook Pro Core i7 2.66 GHz 15"

My first Mac is on it's way, and here are some pics of this baby.
Ofcourse with all the negative opinion about the 2011 MBPS, I figured that I'd go for the 2010 model. Being a h8r of glossy screens I naturally selected the Hi-Res Matte screen. Glossy gives me teary glassy eyes. Besides I also get a weight reduction of 200gms since it lacks the slab of glass..

I did a test run of cinebench, and the results were amazing to say the least. Not only did this refurbished machine give the promised benchmarks it also topped all the benchmark scores from similarly built MBPs at the Cinebench database. Amazing!

CPU Score: 2.55 pts
OpenGL: 15.84fps

So far my review of this refurbished apple machine is better than i expected. I'll do some more serious tests next week to see why it got refurbished ;)

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