Monday, June 20, 2011

Accessories for the Apple iPad2

What the KleverCase does is simply disguise your gadget as a famous work of fiction e.g Dracula or A Midsummer Night's Dream.  There's quite a few different titles to choose from too.

The Keycase Folio for iPad - this became mobilefuns biggest selling iPad accessory ever, so they're hoping to repeat the success this year with the Keycase Pro Folio for iPad 2.  What's makes the Keycase Pro Folio so good is that the keyboard has hard keys as oppose to the silicone keys most bluetooth keyboards have.  The material of the folio has also been improved upon and it now has a Velcro strip inside which holds the iPad in place when it's standing at an angle - meaning multiple viewing angles!  Chris has done a video highlighting the major differences between this folio and the old one - you can have a nose at it here and feel free to use it in any of your posts :)
Finally the ultimate in Smart Cover Compatible Cases the Incipio Smart feather which comes in both white or black.  Unlike any other smart cover compatible case the Smart Feather actually connects to the Apple Smart cover, by the lip of the Incipio case hooking over the rim of the Apple Smart Cover: this gives the appearance of one case rather than two.  At just under £30, the Incipio Smart feather is a great price and it even comes complete with screen protector meaning you have full protection once it's teamed up with your Apple Smart Cover.

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