Friday, June 24, 2011

Accessories: Samsung Galaxy S2

The new Galaxy S2 accessories - the Mugen Battery and Back Cover and the Samsung Sound Station - both a bit different in that they're not only awesome but perform pretty well too!  

The Sound Station is a passive amplifier, meaning that it doesn't use any electricity or wires - so it's great for use on the go or outside.  You simply dock your S2 into the sound station and your music or videos will play in amazing quality for something which isn't even plugged in. I believe it works thanks to some awesome acoustic engineering \m/

 The Mugen Battery and Back Cover is something I've just been told about this morning, so it isn't in stock yet but it's another great piece of news because it's so powerful.This extended battery lets you have a massive 3200mAH, doubling the size of the standard battery which is already more powerful than the iPhone 4 battery!  This battery does add a  little bulk though - so you Galaxy s2 is now 15.5mm thick but it's a small price to pay for such power!

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