Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nokia n8: a review came in

A review came in today of an experience with the nokia n8.. sadly no pics though. So I've attached a generic pic from Nokia so that you can fill your eyes with it as your dream about this little monster,,

1-Trash it, 2-Only if no alternates, 3-Average, 4-Good, 5-Outstanding

Features (5/5)
The Nokia N8 is nothing less than a computer. 12MP camera with Xenon flash, 3.5 inch AMOLED display, Aluminium body, HDMI output, 3D Graphics Accelerator. Also included Quad band GSM and 5 band-yes thats right!!, a 5band support for UMTS / HSDPA... Phew!!
I think Nokia has done a terrific job of fitting all these in a small package. 5/5 for features.

Have to give a 5, though Nokia (Ovi) maps are not the best, but get the work done well, and its free..!! Satellite lock from cold start was pretty fast, and navigation was effortless.

Ergonomics (2/5) and Build Quality (3/5)
Encased by a aluminuim body (feels metal) which can withstand a ding or two without issues. Problem areas are the top and bottom covers which are flimsy, and are plastic.
The screen is capacitive, and touch response is good, better than other Nokia touchscreens. Home, Call connect and end keys-(3 physical keys), these are a nightmare, and are not tactile. The call connect and end buttons are the smallest that i have seen in any phone.
Otherwise, its a pleasure to hold the wide, and handy Nokia N8. The screen picks up fingerprint.
The SIM slot and microSD card slot, both are on the left side, and the cover had an annoying tendency to fall off.

Battery Life (3/5)- Initial results.
Ran the N8 with all connectivity options enabled, and it did manage to survive more than a day.

Camera (5/5)-Initial results.
Just one word-Amazing. Really good to see a Nokia produce images that can compete with any of the other 12MP smartphones. Colors look natural, not saturated or processed unlike other Nokia phones. Video is HD quality.

Speed (4/5)
The N8 is fast, but not in the league of iphone 3GS or for example a HTC Touch HD2(checked out with my friends), both of which feel lot smoother while transitioning between screens.

Connectivity (5/5)
Has it all. Quad Band GSM, 5 Band UMTS/HSDPA, PNP.

It's nice to see that people do read my blog ;)

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Anonymous said...

About the camera. What other 12MP smartphones? There are very few around. And Nokia already has a long tradition of good cameraphones.

asri al-baker said...

1. In Ergonomics, the review said "Home, Call connect and end keys-(3 physical keys), these are a nightmare, and are not tactile. The call connect and end buttons are the smallest that i have seen in any phone"

2. THIS IS ALL WRONG because Nokia N8 DOES NOT have physical buttons for Call & End.

3. Nokia N8 only has one button on the front - the Home/Menu button.

4. I wonder, is this guy really holding/testing Nokia N8?

5. The statements are all generic which can be derived from technical specs. No unique points.

6. I dont believe it's a genuine review. it's a fake.

Asri al-Baker

netborn said...

LOL, in this way any asshole can have a blog and publish bulshit like this.

Show me please the call and end buttons on this device and I will make you my God, otherwise you are full of crap my friend.

Anonymous said...

are there any call and end key?
you must be joking right?

fake review i guess.

Anonymous said...

dont feed the troll!

Anonymous said...

i bet this n8 reviewed also runs on android, lol.

DiLin Anand said...

Guys it was just a prank or even a test if you may. I hadn't been active on this blog for a long time and just posted this to see if there'd be any feedback..

It's good to see the heads-up that this post has got.. I'm sorry if I offended anyone.

Hope you guys come back when i post the real review.. I'l tweet loudly =) !

Anonymous said...


TheRohan said...

The Nokia N8-00 is a powerful combination of internet, video, photos, music, maps with Symbian^3 operating system.

With a large capacitive touch screen supporting pinch to zoom, social networking integration, a Carl Zeiss 12 megapixel camera with wide-angle lens and Xenon flash, shooting 720p HD video, on demand Web TV, HDMI connectivity and USB OTG, you can create, discover and share a world of creativity. Additionally, for the software developers, the device includes Qt 4.6.3, Java MIDP 2.1 and Flash Lite 4.0.

For more on N8 check:

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