Friday, March 11, 2011

Nokia N8: Surpassed Expectations

When I first came across images of the N8 on the web I'd thought of it as yet another chunky Nokia flagship device. And it ran symbian too.. Ugh! Thus thinking I had made up my mind to ignore the device.

That's when I got a email from Katie offering me a trial run of the N8 for a couple of weeks. A friend saw the message and knowing that I wouldn't accept he offered to help review the device. Then one thing leads to another and next thing I know is DHL delives the device and my friend shows me the phone.

Biased as I was against it, holding the N8 in my hands made me think twice. This device is way sleeker and far more elegant than i had imagined. The ergonomics of this device is excellent and the anodised aluminium feels good and firm. Definitely a solid built phone.

Switching it ON, I was thrilled by the beauty of the screen. The OLED does its work really well giving you a beautifully vibrant screen. It also allows you to see the clock in standby mode due to it's ultra low power consumption.

The silver N8 that I recieved - It's a perfect collaboration of beauty and power.

Here are some pics:

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dr_amit_johari said...

Is this a TOY !!!
u have posted ur review as it is a SHOWCASE Toy

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, mine looks the same, unfortunately wasn't to well built, the hinge that is hold by a screw in the lower part broke. Must be more careful when holding it in your pocket

DiLin Anand said...

@dr_amit_johari This is not a full fledged review. Read and understand the content of this post.

This article means to say that the design of the N8 surpassed my expectation of a nokia flagship as most nokia flagships are chunky devices.


DiLin Anand said...

@anonymous It indeed is a beautiful phone. I'm sorry to hear that you got a physical defect. Which hinge did you say got broken?

Cozma said...

lower left side next to the button, where is held by a screw, probably warranty does not cover it

DiLin Anand said...

Yes, they would most probably put it down to user neglect. But you should try them anyway - you might get lucky =)

Marius said...

Nice story, nice pictures .. Well done.

Anonymous said...

you call this a review?? . . . . it surpassed my expectations looking at the device, followed by some silly pics of an N8 in a tree!?!?.... you could have at least made a phone call, taken a video in HD, connected it n made use of the HDMI port, told us how the sound of the music player is, given us some fancy specs etc etc

hands down this THE worst review i have ever seen for any product in the last 39yrs i was on earth!!

DiLin Anand said...

@anonymous Kindly realise that not all posts in the blogosphere are reviews about a phone.

What I've posted here is about the n8 being a better looking (and feeling) phone than the rest of the past nokia flagships.

Thanks for the comment.

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