Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nokia 5700 - The good, the bad & the ugly..

A few days ago, I had the chance to use the Nokia 5700 ExpressMusic courtesy my friend BinuRaj. This one was black in colour and had a 1GB microSD - filled to the brim wih music(obviously). The 5700 is kind of like the update to the Nokia 5300..but sometimes i wonder whether it really is good enough to be considered as a successor.

Most music fans usually crave for a simplistic music device that can play great music as well as provide sufficient bragging rights - which is why the iPod is such a hit.

The 5700 doesn't seem to work that way..it's music output through the ear phones is excellent, more so if you use your favorite headset but it's loudspeaker's performance is..uhm..minimal. The volume is low ant the sound hazy. I considered them as a bad omen for the things to come.

The menu & delete buttons were'nt friendly at all - you had to practically aim first before hitting the key(i really felt like hitting it!). And it's revolving bottom is about sa reliable as the N95's dual slider. Both are unique - not only in their features but also in their complaints...

On the other hand the body materials are really good, i particularly liked the matt finish in the middle. The phone's processor is above 350mhz which makes for a real smooth OS - the S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1; which is one of the reason why i got interested in this particular smartphone.

The screen is crisp and brings out the colours vibrantly. Movie playback was also good - excelt the sound when you put it in speaker mode. The 3.5mm jack lets you plug in your favourite headset easily - you are not restricted tot he Nokia headsets alone, which i must say is a very good move.The 2MP camera also does a good job in aking those precious moments with panache, the flash kicking in whenever you need it the most. Moreover the battery compartment is placed neatly and holds the BP-5M battery snug and cosy. Mind you - it ain't easily removable! And the battery life is pretty good too..especially compared with that of the N95 Euro Edition. The USA Edition is ofcourse a different story...

Overall the 5700 is a nice phone, but it ain't gonna woo anyone away from an iPod.and be carefull when you twist it !!
5700 Wares:
Games ( Symbian S60 v3 )
Softwares ( Symbian S60 v3 )

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Anonymous said...

Ye, i got this phone too :S I bought it like 2 months ago and believe me it's a crap :S The phone turns off, the earphones are too low and even the camera is not working sometimes while I'm rotating the keypad :S Only one message from me my friend :) Get rid of it :)

DiLin Anand said...

k mate, will do :)

Alfan said...

even im a 5700 user since a year n my opinion is, im lovin my fone more n more everyday..the music output thru the earphones is ultimate n d stereo output while comparing it with the fones of same range, is very very clear..I love d OS whichz fast secure n supports a lot of nice handy apps. Only flaw i found is that firmware updates haven't come yet even when its been more than one year since it released..n also d nite cam sux
but my say, 5700 ROCKS!!!

DiLin Anand said...

my buddy binuraj, who also owns has the same to me - must be individual taste then .. :)

Anonymous said...

well its a good phone does any one know how to increase its bass or a new app for better sound quality.ofcource no phone van beat 5700s video quality

DiLin Anand said...

try using an audiophile headphon, like the philips shp8500 hi fidelity .

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