Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Using MGMaps on the N-Series (incl. stored maps)

This is a great application for all those users who don't have a Nokia Map available for their home town and have been longing at those beautifull maps on Google. Ofcourse we can use Google Maps on the mobile but the data rates that come with it would have made you think otherwise..well not any more!! WIth MGMaps you can use a whole range of maps on your phone, varying from Yahoo!, MSN!, STreet Maps, and ofcourse Google.

The following page will give you a real deep understanding on how it works...all thanks to our dear friend Reef Reid... and Cristian Streng ofcourse for creating this excellent app.

Download and install Mobile Gmaps to your Nokia N95(or other Nseries GPS enabled phone). Download map tiles and configure Mobile Gmaps to use them as "stored maps"


You have a Nokia N95(or other Nseries GPS enabled phone).This is the first attempt at installing Mobile Gmaps and stored maps (eg. not previously installed). You are running Windows XP SP2 as the OS on the computer for which you will be executing the perl script and downloading map tiles.The PC you are using to download the map tiles has a native internet connection and does not rely on the use of a proxy. The microSD memory card in your phone has sufficient free space for the stored maps. You know how to establish a connection between your N95 and your PC (bluetooth or USB cable), or you know how to transfer files to your microSD memory card. You will use the software and process that follows to achieve the desired outcome. You understand english(if not, you've persisted well and are probably attracted by the pretty colours on the page while not understanding a word).

If "no" to any of the above, then it's possible that certain "steps" will fail and this brief instruction will not cater for every alternative software or process. I can only say that the following worked for me and I took the points from the forums that "tripped" other people up. (lol @ the disclaimer of sorts...)

What you will Need to Download:

N95 Alpha JAD File:
mgmaps_n95-1_34_02-signed.jad (Current at the time of writing)
N95 Alpha JAR File: mgmaps_n95-1_34_02.jar (Current at the time of writing)
Perl Script: MapTileCacher.perl (current at the time of writing)
Perl for Windows: ActivePerl version
WGET: wget for Windows

Go here for the full instructions!

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