Friday, April 3, 2009

Wave Secure

Wave Secure is an ultimate security application for your phone. I suggest everyone to installthis software as it can help you to get your stolen/lost mobile. It not only helps you to track your lost/stolen phone but also ensures full security of the data present in the device. You can easily track the lost device via a Buddy Notification or over the Internet. You can alsoremotely Lock your stolen mobile, so that nobody can misuse the device & data. I installedthis software software in my mobile and feels that applications like this should be bundled with every mobile.

Secure and how:
Track the lost/stolen device via Buddy Notification or over the Internet

Remotely Lock the lost/stolen device, so that nobody can misuse the device & data

Take a Backup of your data including Contacts, SMSs, Calendar Entries & Call Logs

Erase the data on the stolen device to avoid misuse

Restore the data back onto your device once you find it or even restore it on a new device which has WaveSecure installed


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