Thursday, April 2, 2009

Secure your bluetooth connection

Bluetooth remains the single most exploited connectivity method for viruses to propgate. If you're in a crowded theater and someone unleashes a virus there'll be havoc. Sure, anti-virus apps are there but hey! prevention is always better than cure right?

Symbian Guru released the updated version of the popular bluetooth security app, BT Guard- security software which helps to protect the phone from unauthorized access via Bluetooth. Now the application is fully compatible with mobile phones Series 60.5: The Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, and the Nokia N97.
  • All bugs were fixed and the Buy feature was added.
  • BT Guard changes your Bluetooth status automatically, making your phone invulnerable and saves your battery life.
  • BT Guard changes Bluetooth status automatically according to your settings.
  • When it is time to change your Bluetooth status the application can ask you for confirmation to turn it invisible or off.
  • Also if you are receiving or sending some data you can set the software in that way that it will not bother you.
More info as well as pdf user manual for BT Guard can be found on

Those of you who have already bought the app can also upgrade for free. Just download the app and register with your previous reg-code.

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Nokia Blog said...

If people turn off bluetooth when they're not using it, that won't happen. But there are a lot of people that find quite funny having the bluetooth app turned on, I don't know why. That can be avoided also if people set it's bluetooth service to ask for a password everytime someone tries to send them any file.

PS: you have an error, you say "invisible or off" but the correct is "visible or off", otherwise you're saying the same thing for both options. lol

DiLin Anand said...

But the thing is lots of people use paired BT headsets, this requires the bluetooth connection to be always on.
Always asking for passwords is an inconvenience when you start using it regularly - no one likes inconveniences when it's on a tool that's being used regularly. But of course there is a password confirmation request when you pair handsets.
"Invisible or Off" is not an error - it says that either you can put the bluetooth of your phone in invisible mode wherein you can send BT files but not recieve them, or switch it OFF.

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