Friday, June 19, 2009

Loudspeaker app - change your phone into a virtual handsfree

LoudSpeaker - Main Screen LoudSpeaker LoudSpeaker - Profiles selected For Symbian OS SymbianGuru has just released a whole new software, LoudSpeaker, for Series 60 v3 phones and s60 v5 phones like the Nokia N95 and Nokia n97. LoudSpeaker works as your car wireless hands free set without any additional hardware. You can use it instead of your Bluetooth headset. Automatically accepting calls, LoudSpeaker turns on the Loudspeaker.

The software is fully customizable. You can choose the profile, when the software should be activated and answer your incoming calls.

LoudSpeaker - SplashYou can set your own sound on answer and sound on hang up from the list of available tunes on your phone.

You should also set the pause (amount of seconds) after which the incoming call should be accepted automatically. There's a free trial download available at Symbianguru.

Key Features:

- Ability to answer the incoming call automatically

- Good and inexpensive alternative to your Bluetooth handsfree

- Activated on certain profiles

- Adjustable sounds on the call start and hang up

- Available for all Series 60.3/60.5 devices

- Translated into: Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and Ukrainian.

I'll post a review as soon as i get my copy !

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Jake said...

Great software that works like your hands free and need no other hardware. Very Handy!

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