Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vodafone India GPRS plan - absolutely Rocks !!

This is gonna kill me !

Hey guys guess what just popped up in my inbox ! A vodafone GPRS offer. Not just any GPRS offer but an unlimited data plan gprs offer. And what's more ? Well it costs me just INR 95 a month ! Ha HAAaa !!!
INR 95 equates to USD 2 per month. Is this a bargain or what ?!! And oh wait there's more - they've even put in unlimited free MMS as well. This is the mother of all bargains. Absolutely.

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Ray said...

hey... is this for real ? is ti only for existing customers ..or new customers too ? and is it valid across all telecom circles ? Do let me know. thnx

DiLin Anand said...

AFAIK this is only currently available in kerala circles. I think they're using it to attract customers from the other 3G enabled providers like state owned BSNL and Reliance. If that is so, then they might make the offer more widespread.

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