Saturday, June 20, 2009

Orkut Mobile App - Free Download for all Mobiles

Orkut app has been launched by Google with an aim to tap more into the mobile market along with it's mobile search and gMail apps. The main differences that divide the browser and application experience are the smooth transition effects while usage and easy to use menu, and an incredibly high data transfer. It just kept on using my EDGE connection to the max, continously, as the app kept trying to load all images (which it couldn't).

Another cool feature is the Contacts Menu. It incorporates both our Orkut contacts as well as the phone contacts into one making it easy to call or connect to a person, even message them. The app makes it real easy to view the Orkut albums and offers the choice to upload your display picture direct from your phone. The application design is almost like that of the gMail app, with only slight differences seen.

The Orkut app is available as a free download which you can get from the links above.

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