Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Finale email : Nokia N97

All Nokia N97 owners will know that the ‘out of the box’ experience is just the beginning - the beauty of the device is making it personal to you. As this is the last email alert from the Nokia N97 Members Club, we thought we would leave you with news of a personal Nokia service which will continuously keep you and your mobile working as well together as you can.

Be it through homescreen widgets, RSS news feeds, keeping up to date with the latest gossip on Facebook or using it as an extension of your PC or laptop, there are almost limitless functionalities to what the Nokia N97 can do.

But to explore the full potential of your Nokia and stay continuously abreast of new applications and software updates, register for free with ‘My Nokia’ and receive personalized communications from the experts directly to your phone or email.

Whether it’s handy tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your handset, great offers, competitions and more, the free service will give you three to five communications per month to maximize your mobile potential.

Some tricks may be familiar, such as “add numbers to your text message the easy way by simply holding down the key with the number you need for one second”, and others we’re sure will surprise you. So activate My Nokia communications from the My Nokia application on the device, or by going to and start discovering more about your handset today.

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