Thursday, August 13, 2009

Arrived: The Nokia Cityman ATD

Guess what showed up on my door step yesterday? It's a replica of the legendary Nokia Cityman, the World's first truly mobile Handset. Weighing 800 gms, and standing pretty tall it sure looks like the undisputed heavyweight champion of mobile phones.But the reason WOM World sent it here is what hold more interest at the moment.
WOM-World about the Nokia n97 and the Citymans true function.
The device is getting a lot of attention for its looks and is becoming very desirable. To ensure the safety of your handset and to make sure it gets back to WOMWorld headquarters we have sent you a very special Limited Edition Antitheft device. Look for it in your mail in a few days.

So this one of a kind Anti-Theft device should take care of the N97 and keep it snug and safe while the handset makes it's return trip to WOM-World in UK from my mailbox in a little town in Kerala. While with me, i put in another app that gives the cityman a real neat dialer =)

Pretty neat phone ain't it ?!

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krish said...

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smart said...

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jerald said...

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DiLin Anand said...

nice to see that at least someone's findin' this useful =(

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