Sunday, August 2, 2009

Download your native language onto your Mobile Phone Easy !

One of the primary problems if using a Mobile phone in third world countries is the language barrier. It's difficult for people here to break the language barrier and English seems to be tougher than the rest (Won't it make them lose their wits writing groats and saying grits! ). Nokia in India has understood this problema and has made Hindi language phones commercially available at cheaper rates.

UK based KeyPoint Technologies has launched a mobile language portal which makes it easy for mobile phone users to download languages that are not available on their device. Currently, if a user’s native language or 2nd language does not ship with the mobile handset, it is difficult to locate and install additional languages through the mobile software as they usually have to be installed in packages. KPT’s portal makes it easy for the user to find and install any language (see attached Press Release for more information).

The availability of diverse languages on the Adaptxt mobile portal means millions of multilingual Windows Mobile and Nokia N/E series users can benefit immediately. Currently KPT are working with a number of handset manufacturers to support even more mobile phones.

The thing with Adaptxt is that it learns a user's writing style in realtime and consistently suggests words in advance so the user selects words instead of typing letters. The benefit is prediction is personal to the user and genuinely saves keystrokes on a mobile phone, something existing "predictive" systems rarely do. It shoul come up to the performance of K9 dictionaries currently in use.

Another positive point is the option to move your bought language packs from one phone to another if you're switching phones. This allows seamless tranfer of langages and software from your old phone to the new one.

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