Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nokia N9: another nokia leak

With the frequent leaks coming from the Nokia Corp. faucet, one thinks whether it ain't high time for them to get a plumber to fix things up. We had the premature firmware release for the n900, then there was the nokia n8 leak and now this. It's starting to become so regular that perhaps Nokia has decided to make it a regular PR event.

The N9, Nokia’s new Flagship device is believed to run the brand spankin’ new MeeGo OS. It looks kind of quirky to me - like those digital diaries that were all the rage 10 years ago..
As you can see, the N9 improves on the Tilt-Slideout keyboard design of the N97 variants, and has a N8-ish metallic design to it, with pretty well spaced out chicklet keys.
The last pic made me decide that this device is too shabby. The N9 is written on a bit of plastic lodged into the keyboard bezel, and the pin connected to the side of the device looks to be a chinese after market make.

The Nokia N9 had been leaked to the WWW by Baidu and I got it from ZomgItsCJ

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