Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nokia BH-217 - always Ready

WOM World had sent in the BH217 along with the N8 last week. Initially I didn't see what was so unique about this bluetooth headset that warranted a review - it was so normal looking. Opening the box my eye caught the couple of different holders that had been packaged with the device. And that folks, is how I met Always Ready.

Always Ready
It is Nokias new idea that improves upon the bluetooth headset experience. With the Always Ready feature you can answer calls by simply picking up the headset from the holder and you can cut calls by placing it back in. Easy. It might sound unnecessary but it does really come in handy.

They also improved the battery life resulting in an ultra-long standby time. I haven't charged it even once after the initial cycle.

The headset also generates suprsingly clearer and crisp voice. It seems Nokia has included active noise cancellation into this headset making it much more functional than the rest of the run-of-the-mill headsets out there.

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Dave said...

sounds great, i guess the little purple boy is not included then?

DiLin Anand said...

nope he just came to check out the headset =)

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