Friday, March 18, 2011

Symbian to be phased out in 2 years

Nokia India VP and MD D Shivakumar in an interview with ToI said:

"Somewhere in the next 12 months, you will see a phone from that system. But the Symbian will remain for the next 150 million units that we intend to sell globally. There will be a transition period, which is true for any business. We will phase out Symbian in about two years. We're enhancing a number of features in the Series 40 phones (non-Symbian). While one part of our strategy is Windows Microsoft, the second part is connecting the next billion to the Internet, and India would be a very big market for that. So, we will have significant innovations in browser and form factor, among other new things, because in India, people will connect to the Internet more on the mobile phone than on the personal computer."

Guess the death knells are ringing for Symbian.

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