Friday, July 1, 2011

Q: How to use the iPad2 for cooking

Ans: Simple, use a Fridge Pad lol

Why Buy the Woodford Design iPad / iPad 2 FridgePad?
  • The ability to keep your iPad 2 in one place means that it is less likely to be lost or damaged
  • The perfect location for quick and simple email checking and web browsing
  • Storing it on the fridge keeps your device out of the way of children and pets

This Woodford Design FridgePad for the iPad is a pretty interesting product. It's functionality: the fridgepad has the ability to  attach the iPad to the fridge or any magnetic surface via its special MegaMagnet. It does not mark or damage either the fridge or the iPad, and has a clever design with interchangeable corners which means that the case can be used with the iPad and iPad 2 .

Woodford Design iPad / iPad 2 FridgePad - Black

The FridgePad allows hands free use of the iPad and iPad 2, meaning that you can surf the internet or check your emails much more comfortably and conveniently. You could also use it for many other purposes such as watching a film or being on FaceTime whilst cooking.
Note: Apple or Woodford will not be liable for any burnt pancakes or overcooked curries.

It securely holds the iPad in place meaning there is no threat of scratches or damage. The FridgePad will not move, slip or slide even if your fridge door is slammed shut.

The FridgePad will mount on any fridge door that is made of iron or steel. The fridge will also require a flat section that is at least 21cm x 16cm in size - the majority of fridges can easily accommodate these requirements but a very small number of fridges have a continuously curved door, so please check before purchase. 

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