Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nokia n900: Leather Protection

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Anonymous said...

Great review, one of the reasons why i ordered mine!

However DO NOT BUY from this company online - EVER - only do so if you can get a handson from a retail store. Their online experience is HORRIBLE!

I just purchased a Noreve cover for my N900 and it has been an absolute dissapointment. First they did not have the item I ordered in stock (even though the website said they did). They then send across a different product - i wanted a black one, they send a grey-green one claiming it is charcoal. The item recieved also looked to be a used or refurbished item - worn edges are a key tell tale. After requesting a refund they asked to ship it back - the cost of which would negate any refund amount.
End result - stuck with an item that looks used, isnt the color i want and have no way of returning.

Thoroughly dissapointing experinece - my advice - never buy a product from this company - its over hyped,over priced and lousy.

on top of that upon my complaint of the quality, the customer rep 'Cynthia' responds;

no problem... Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

This is strange.... I had a great experience with them.
Fast delivery, nice lady ...

They offered me a belt clip because of long delay....

Probably you were not good customer...picky!!! no?

Michael said...

What Bad Faith !!!!

This customer had ordered a black case from our Perpetual selection.
We were out of stock (for 3 days) so we proposed a Dark vintage (we offered him the difference price as well) and he accepted.

Dark vintage cases are on demand cases with a vintage style (used) – it is like that…!

He was very happy and one week after, we do not know why, but he wanted to send it back. But he wanted us to pay for his shipping as well + refund total amount (shipping costs included).

We do accept return (even after a while) but we did not want to refund shipping costs. Product is not a defective product. It was just 5 euro but both sides must be honest.

So he used it and wanted a FULL refund. They are is no way for us. It is not our terms and conditions. We only refund or exchange if it is a defect case but it never happens as we take utmost care.

We have more than 150 000 customers and we are famous for our customer service and serious in our business.

We are really disappointed when we see these kind of comments.

It is not honest.


My best regards,


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Micheal made a fair case. (no pun intended)

DiLin Anand said...

yea.. !

Anonymous said...

I have bought a few product from Noreve and all have been of super high quality. I have recommended them to many friends who have also been happy and bought multiple products. My phone is made up of the sandy vintage leather and when I first put it on my phone, it looked good but after a while you could see marks all over the vintage suede leather which I thought didn't look nice. BUT after some TIME the leather seams to harden and AGE beautifully. It looks 10 times better now than the day I first received it. If you do not like the vintage look, do not buy vintage. There are so many other leathers/colors to choose from, you won't be disappointed.
Very Happy Customer :)

dilin said...

some ppl do not understand the finer aspects of haut couture

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