Saturday, August 11, 2007

N95 Processing Power !

Only when i blogged about the NviDia 6100 GoForce Graphics solution for smartphones did it cross my mind to check about how the N95 did it's number crunching, not to mention how it supported the 5MP camera and that 3D snake and System Rush game.

So i did some research and i must say i was really impressed with what had turned up!

The N95, Nokia's answer to multimedia computers, runs on a very interesting combination of hardware. As you know it has 64MB of RAM and 160MB of flash memory. It's CPU works on a Texas Instruments OMAP microprocessor known as the OMAP 2420. The OMAP 2420 features 332 Mhz clock speed,
PowerVR features (3d and 2d accelerator) and High speed peripheral interconnect while running on the ARM11 architecture. Per the TI website, the OMAP families are broken into "High Performance", "Basic Multimedia", and "Modem and Applications". I smiled a bit when i saw that the OMAP 2420 is listed under the High-Performance segment - that explains the smooth graphics on system rush and snake. Oh yeah.. and it has 2 of these processors too...

PowerVR's latest designs on the portable market, the low power PowerVR MBX and high performance PowerVR SGX, which have become the de facto standards for mobile 3D, having been licensed by six of the top ten semiconductor manufacturers including Intel, Texas Instruments, Samsung, NXP Semiconductors, Freescale, Renesas, and Sunplus, and is in use in many high-end cellphones including the Apple iPhone, Nokia N95, Sony Ericsson P1i, and Motorola Z8. The thing is the N95 runs on the low-power MBX version.. i shudder to think what would happen if it were using the power hungry SGX. We would then almost certainly have to go Yoobao then.

Thanks to all these cool hardware the N95 packs a punch for handling graphics - Fully HW accelerated 3D OpenGL ES 1.1 and HW accelerated Java 3D go a long way in re-defining gaming on the n95 and mobile phones as way we know them today. It probably won't be soon before we start seeing hi-graphic gaming phones on the market - a new NGage maybe?

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