Monday, November 26, 2007

N95 8 GB firmware - updated!

While the whole of the Symbian world is busy behind the proposed v21 N95 firmware Nokia's released an update for the N95 8GB. That's right, an update already, when the phone's not even started crawling yet! Whywould anyone get a toddler a car when his older brother's still waiting for his bike?

I mean the N95-3 was released just a few weeks ago! AAS thinks that it's probably just a quick bug fix and not a full fledged update - theN95 8GB's Internet browser did have some serious stability problemsthat users had been complaining about..some users are also hoping for a normal portrait screensaver to show up as well - seems they're fed up with the landscape one!

Click Here To Update Your N95 8GB

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