Friday, November 30, 2007

iGo's Power Extender - a must for n95ers

Ever been in a fix when you thought that you have all the choicest gadgets in the world but not even one outlet to power them from?

Electricity,Gadgets everywhere,
But not an ampere to drink?

Fear not, because with the PowerXtender from iGo(the makers of the Sierra) you'll be able to charge any of your gadgets from anywhere with just a pair of AA batteries.
The good thing about the PowerXtender is that,like all things iGo, it's extremely portable. You won't have to set apart any space for it or for the powertips either..they are all compact. Speaking of power tips, they are available for almost any device and allows you to charge all of them from a single PowerXtender. If you're using one of iGo's wall outlets, you'll even be able to simultaneously charge many devices at once!
Costing around 16 bucks,it's a great deal for every N95 user or any other phone for that matter. In this highly mobile world of ours, going out of charge in the middle of the day can be scary.

Buy it

Below is a video of the powerXtender in use.

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