Thursday, November 15, 2007

Only Dedicated case for N95 8GB

The dedicated carrying case for the Nokia N95 8GB – just open the case and slide :)

This stylish wallet covers and helps protect while giving you full access to all keys and functions on your N95 8GB. It's design is rather simplistic and seems to be a "sideways" model of the Original Nokia Case for the Classic N95 - while the N95 Classic case opens in a portrait form the 8GB case opens landscape.

When closed the holster is kept in place by a groove on the leather. Upon close inspection,it seems that the materials used are also the same as that of the Classic case - including leather and the material inside.

Selling at $26.95,the product usually ships within 6 days from Expansys if you're in the US. You can Buy it Here, though I'd suggest waiting out till Vaja brings out their version, their N95 Ivolouton Holster turned out to be a helluve winner in my review !

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Anonymous said...

this case is will overtime leave linings our nokia both near the screen edges and on the side edges..I sent my n95 8gb to get it replaced and they did the case due to the friction and low quality material left markings on my case

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