Tuesday, November 20, 2007

V21 for our N95-1!?

It's not a 21 valve engine but for all I know the new V21 Firmware update for the N95-1 is sure gonna rock..considering that Nokia is going to have to add lots of new stuff in the firmware like the Search, N-Gage and a solution to sinister key press bug. Not to mention about On Demand Paging and other features designed to bump up the performance! You know what this means?no?? We're gonna get a N95-1 with more RAM people!!

But the problem is that the firmware pic has been dates as 10th October! How come no one's got it still remains a mystery...:(

There lingers a doubt in my mind however, on whether the Demand Paging feature will make the phone slower upon everyday use. The pagingfeature actually stores bits of software data on RAM.When these data are moved to the main memory there would be more of a lag when the phone fetches the data - which happens when we open a app or run a game. After all there must have been a reason why the original designers decided to place it on the system RAM instead of on the main memory. Oh well,, let's just cross our fingers and hope for the best.
Have you heard of the recent rumours doing the rounds? the one about the total free RAM increasing to a good 30mb. If that's true then I wouldn't give a **** whether the phone's faster or slower... 30MB of free RAM 8-)
If you’re an owner of the N95 classic, you just got more reasons to hold on to your device than I'd provided before. After the screenshots tipped up yesterday, today Symbian Freak has the juicy details regarding this magical firmware that is not only supposed to bring things like Demand Paging, the new Search app introduced on the N76 and new folders and application including the N-Gage app. If that wasn’t enough the device’s free RAM jumps from 18-20Mb to almost a whopping 30Mb! No word if the new multimedia menu has made its way into the old faithful, chances are it will.

The Update is OUT!! read it here

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