Thursday, March 27, 2008

16gb microSD - now that's mass storage!

John has hooked us up with live photos showing the N95, E51, Sony Ericcson, and E90, all rocking the upcoming 16GB microSDHC card from Sandisk. The card was announced earlier this year with much hype. The card should also work in the upcoming handsets as well as in our N95s and N82s - support could hopefully along with the next majr FW update.

Sadly the 16GB MicroSDHC card from Sandisk is not expected to be commercially available until later this year, though you can already pick up an 8GB for under $80. Sadly for the N95 8GB user they won't be able to make use of any improements in the microSD technology since they don't have support for it, but Nokia has given the Nokia N96 best of both worlds - 16Gb onboard memory as well as an expandable microSD slot. WHat more could you ask for?1!

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