Friday, March 21, 2008

Nokia sets up design studio in Brazil

Nokia it seems,has opened a satellite design studio in Rio de Janeiro reflecting the increasing impact Latin American style and culture is expected to have on the future design of mobile devices and services. Based at the Design School of UniverCidade, it will bring together Nokia designers, students and established local designers to explore new trends and ideas that will influence products for the Latin American and global markets.

Nokia's Chief Designer,Alastair Curtis, said,
"Brazil is an incredibly vibrant and diverse place and one that is constantly transforming and developing itself in new ways. This makes it a perfect place to inspire designers. It also has a wealth of emerging new design talent that will play a key role in shaping many of the global design trends we will see in the next few years. Combining the experience of our global design team with the local creativity and perspective of the students is a very exciting and creative way to explore new ideas in this important market for Nokia."
This could maybe lead to a whole new design element coming to Nokia's wardrobe - we could perhaps expect some radical designs such as those seen one the 7610 and it' kind...


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