Friday, March 28, 2008

Currencies – mobile currency converter with real time exchange rates

Symbian Guru released the new software Currencies – mobile currencies converter with real time exchange rates from the Central Bank and your own currencies rates set manually.

Currencies gets real time exchange rates from European Central Bank directly to your mobile. You only have to activate the GPRS connection.There are two types of currencies: the predefined list of most used world currencies and list of your own currencies, which rates you can set manually. You can set the exchange rates of your currency to one of the main currencies and to save it.

There is an auto refresh option available: you can update all the rates instantly by pressing the menu Option – Update rates.

Currency conversion is made easily: you just set the initial and final currency as well as amount. There is unlimited amount of currencies that you may convert with Currencies application. The result you will receive immediately after entering the initial data.

Key Features:

• Real time exchange rates data

All data overview with one click on your mobile

• Ability to add your own currencies as well as their rates

• Ability to convert unlimited amount of currenciesMore info as well as pdf user manual for

Currencies can be found on

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