Sunday, July 8, 2007

AntiVirus - security vs performance

Ain'tVirus...i mean it's an Antivirus ;)

Trend Micro Mobile Security v3.0:
The integrated solution provides automatic, real-time scanning to protect wireless devices against malicious code and viruses on the Web or hidden inside files in combination with a packet-filtering firewall.

As the number of data-centric mobile devices grows, industry analysts such as Gartner and Meta Group expect them to become an attractive target for virus writers. Mobile Security provides protection against emerging threats via a compact yet sophisticated scan engine that helps detect and block malicious code.

This release of TMMS support for Symbian OS/S60 3rd Edition adds usability improvements as well as a firewall and intrusion detection to the previous releases of TMMS.

One of the drawbacks that i see from getting your hands on one of these is that they seriously slow down your phone, and in the case of the already tight strapped RAM of the n95 - it'll be Hell for the user !

Moreover there aren't many viruses around for the s60 v3 phones as yet, so you can just keep the sisx file on your phone incase of an emergency.

But the firewall and intusion detection are certainly things that we can't live without - especially in today's world of digital espionage and theft...cyber theives can ruin your life with touch of a button !! Scary isn't it?

Others to check out are:
NetQin Anti-Virus Pro v2.2.40
Jiangmin Antivirus [beta]

Or read about the
Folder.exe virus that seems to be affecting symbian phones!

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