Monday, October 19, 2009

Nokia cityman competition: It's a flame War!

The winners at nokia cityman competition are going berserk and
starting a full fledged flame war over there - inclusive of name
calling and what not.
It had all started with someone voicing up against photoshoped images
in the competition saying that it was a photography comp. But then
that was crap! I mean in the our modern world, a photo has to go
through an image processing app for getting it perfect. In the end the
competition hosts settled the prob.
Then recently some of the other competitors started fuming when one
contestant started getting a huge lead, claiming as many 100 votes in
a single night. Someone stated that it was cheating and soon the flame
Then comes the post:
Luke F says:
(Felbuts) Hey Jase i got everyone of our remote users to vote for ya.
Good lucky mate
This got people fired up thinking that felbuts was dialing remove IP
addresses and using it to vote. But it was later revealed that he was
merely asking his offsite workers to vote for him.
But by then, everythin had flamed up..

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