Thursday, October 22, 2009

Symbia! Inside is now SymbianOasis - we've changed !

Hey Guys!! We'd like you to know that a.k.a Symbian! Inside has changed to Symbian Oasis @ read as symbian 'oh yea' sis .. ;)

We still remain focused on our work, just as we used to be =). Not to mention that we've got new bloggers hwo have joined up with us of which Harshal612 requires special mention - he's been the driving force the past few days, edging me on to try new thing and having an active hand with the domain name selection as well. Hats of to you Bro!

Wish us luck with our venture!

Loving you all,

The SymbianOaSis Team.

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harshal612 said...
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