Saturday, October 31, 2009

Last days for Nokia N-Gage

When I first got my N82, I was so happy that there's a built in N-gage application in it. I made ways to get updates on the games and to download the latest games that N-gage will release. One of the best is the "One", my all time favorite. But this doesn't seem to work at all. I just heard some rumors that the N-gage gaming platform of Nokia will soon be closed.

What I like more in N-gage is that its bundled with my phone. No need for me to bring any additional gadget just to pacify me when I'm out waiting for stuff to happen. But it seems that the Market is not that fond of playing expensive N-gage games. Classic games has been released by N-gage like Worms World Party but competitors like PSP, Gameboy, Nintendo and other portable devices are still on top in the industry. The only problem with N-gage is that there's no way for you to transfer your paid content to a different device.
And neither does it support paypal.

What I heard is that it will soon close on September 2010, after these many years of service.

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