Friday, October 9, 2009

Wirelessly charging your battery.. that should be chic

Headset cables have been replaced by bluetooth headsets. USB cables
can be substituted by WiFi. The only thing that still seems to tether
our cell phones is the charger wire and plug. Now if that were to go
away we'd have a truly wireless cell phone.

And that's just what seems to be coming from around the next corner.
Dell computers had released this week a laptop, the LatitudeZ, that
features wireless charging by using inductive pads. It works
elegantly, and it's charging performance is compared to the
conventional cabled power input.

So what's keeping cell phone manufacturers from using them ? Cost
should be the issue as the Dell system offers this as an option for
199$. Hopefully, the cost should lower as the competition increases
and size decreases.
Looks chic eh ?

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