Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nokia Losing Its Goodwill

Today when I was at an outlet of "The Mobile Store" near my hostel and overheard (I know it’s bad...but a one about Nokia got me Interested) a conversation between one of their managers

·        Area manager: - "So what is the share of Nokia in your sale??"

·        Store manager: - "36%"

·        Area manager:-"ah, I told you try to sell Nokia less and focus on LG, Samsung and other brands"

·        Store manager:-"But sir, the customer comes in with a firm decision to buy a Nokia”

·        Area manger: - "So convert them!!”

Convert them??!!!What are these people up to?? 

I was like maybe these people have more margin and hence try to sell other brands and maybe that’s same reason why the store manager kept barging about LG Veiwty when I asked him about Nokia N86 8MP and N97.

But after the area manger went I had light informal talk with the store manager about the audacity of their decision as to whether it was a formal company decision and if so why because it a decision against the No.1 brand in India...I was shocked to get a positive reply reasoning out that of course the margin was one of the reason but the major reason was that Nokia lagged in its after sales services and that the frustrated customer comes to them for a redressal. Now as a die hard Nokia fan it was disheartening to hear something about It..but deep down inside my heart I know how much pains I took to get my N95 repaired after just 2 months of use..And you people may also agree that Nokia after sales service is not up to the mark.

To end it I would just like to say that if a big mobile retailing company like "The Mobile Store" take an audacious decision to lower its sales in the no.1 mobile as well as consumer brand in India is something that Nokia should really consider. Because if the retailers give consumer a wrong impression of the brand the consumer may think twice before buying it....hence Nokia should work on its after sales services system to make it more consumer friendly and should also keep a healthy repo with its retailers and try to keep them happy...So that it doesn't lose its goodwill and trust among the people

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