Thursday, November 12, 2009

Keypoint Technologies Free Dictionary Release

KeyPoint Technologies (UK) Ltd (KPT) has released a Beta Version of Adaptxt predictive text software for Nokia S60 Smartphones that includes a SEE2009 professional dictionary.  The SEE2009 dictionary gives visitors to the show predictive text with Symbian related predictions: mobile IT and telecoms acronyms, industry terminology, location information and Symbian show related words are stored in the Adaptxt Personal Dictionary enabling predictions that are highly relevant for users sending messages at the show.

About Adaptxt® 

Adaptxt® is intelligent language software which is embedded into smartphones.  Adaptxt software components include a Language Engine which learns the unique writing style of the user, a dynamic Personal Dictionary which stores the user’s personal words and context the Adaptxt Think Ahead™ UI which suggests apposite words in advance so the user can select entire words (as opposed to typing them) to maximise keystrokes reduction.

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Gonzo said...

Hi, just to let you know the Download the 'SEE2009 Dictionary' NOW! link is broken.

It should be


DiLin Anand said...

Thanks for the headsup bro !

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